Ph. D. Thesis Supervised or Co-supervised

  1. Busra Ozdenizci, Design and Development of Secure Element on the Cloud, 2016

  2. Kerem Ok, A Secure Key Agreement Protocol between Service Provider and SIM Card, 2015

Master's Thesis Supervised or Co-supervised

  1. Mohammed Alsadi, Developing Loyalty Application Platform for Near Field Communication, İstanbul University, 2013

  2. Busra Ozdenizci, Designing Innovative Applications Using Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology, Işık Üniversitesi, 2012

  3. Kerem Ok; Developing an Electronic Mail Environment with NFC Technology Extension.

  4. Ergin Altintas; Improving Accuracy In Word Sense Disambiguation.

  5. Tarik Doguscu; Power aware many to many data centric routing in wireless sensor and actuator networks.

  6. Hakan Tezcan; The distributed 3D space coverage schemes for underwater wireless sensor networks.

  7. Yasar Dogan; A data mining based target classification for tactical underwater sensor networks.

  8. Caghan Cimen; Querying sensor fields by using quadtree based dynamic clusters and task sets.

  9. Serdar Sancak; Security in wireless sensor networks.

  10. Ayhan Erdogan; Data aggregation related issues in wireless sensor networks and the new sectoral sweeper scheme.

  11. Ayhan Emre; User mobility pattern (UMP) based TCP for wireless cellular networks.